[BA] Semi-Device Independence of Quantum-OT Protocols

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    Semi-Device Independence of Quantum-OT Protocols

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  • In 1994 Crepeau proposed protocols to perform Quantum Oblivious Transfer.
    The thesis shows that these protocols are device dependent.
    Thus, they can only be proven to be secure, if the participants can trust their devices.
    Additionally, the thesis presents ideas to make these protocols semi device independent for the participant Alice, by giving her an isolated device.

    The presentation will introduce one of Crepeau’s Quantum Oblivious Transfer protocols as well as
    the proof for the device dependence and an approach for semi device independence.
    Furthermore, a more generalized setting for Quantum Oblivious Transfer and a proof, that device
    independence is not possible in this setting, are proposed in the thesis, but will not be covered in the presentation.