Seminar Post-Quantum Cryptography



To participate register in the corresponding ILIAS-course. There will be a waiting list. Students can get a spot if there is a topic not chosen. The topics will be distributed during the first week. Please check out in advance the topics and mention your preferences in ILIAS prior to the first meeting.

Outline (to be changed)

KW 42 - KW 47: Introduction + Preparation

KW 48 - KW 51: Student Talks

KW 52 - KW 01: Christmas Break

KW 02 - KW 04: Student Talks

KW 06: Deadline Paper

KW 07: Deadline Review

KW 09: Deadline Final Paper


In the beginning, the seminar provides classes to introduce the basics of post-quantum cryptography.

To pass this module a talk about the assigned topic over 35 minutes is to be held. After the talk there will be questions and discussions for 10 minutes. All talks have to be held in English.

You need to hand in a written report of about 10 - 12 pages. During a review process managed via EasyChair, you review the report of another student. Afterwards you include your feedback into your final version of your written report.

Along the whole process, every participating students will be in contact with one supervisor dedicated for the topic.


List of preliminary topics: Topics [27.09.2021]

The goal of this seminar is that participating students understand the basics of certain relevant topics in post-quantum cryptography as well as certain cryptographic protocols relying to the standardization process of post-quantum cryptography ( The students will understand the protocols, the algorithms within the underlying conjectured-hard problems and the mathematical background of some structures, e.g. Lattices, Codes, Isogenies, ...

Another learning goal of this seminar is the research process in the field of cryptography including research of related work, preparation of an educational presentation, reviewing other scientific paper and finaly producing their own scientific paper.

The seminar will be held in English.